Software engineering solutions

Providing engineering solutions for hardware drivers, embedded products, board bring-up, firmware, board support packages and more.

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Our work is never subpar

maClara handles all of your projects as a priorty and our work reflects the attention to maintainability, supportability and longevity that most outsourcing companies don't even consider. The results we produce do more than "work", they position your product to succeed. Don't leave your engineering solutions to chance. Trust a group that takes it as seriously as you do.

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Linux Device Drivers

Extensive Linux device driver experience including upstreaming. Any bus or protocol, including USB, PCIe, Infiniband, GPIO, I2C, etc.

Board Services

From initial bring-up to board support, we'll take you from power-on to delivery. Custom work in U-Boot, RedBoot, EFI, GNU Toolchain, and OS delivery on x86, PowerPC and ARM architectures, in 32-bit or 64-bit.

Code Cleanup

Don't throw out that old codebase, make it work for you again. No bitrot is too nasty for our team. We'll step your code back to its leanest working base and let you get back to work.

Revision Control

Get your team working together. We have experience in Git, Subversion, Mercurial, Bazaar, Perforce and more. We can also handle integrations with other tools, including CI, code coverage, testing, issue tracking and industry standard IDEs.

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